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Ms. Jenkins: I really love this house! I love the convenience of this house. The bus stop is right here in front of my door. I am near stores. My life is safer and more manageable. I can make progress towards my goal. This is where I want to be.

​​​​Our Mission  is to assist in increasing the supply of decent, affordable, long-term rental housing in Durham & Henderson for individuals and families unable to participate in today’s home buyer market.  

​Rebuild Durham is expanding it's mission and presence into Henderson NC working with local community partners to improve housing options and outcomes. If you want to help scroll down this page and leave your contact info or make a donation. We accept building supplies, materials, flooring, roofing, paint, and professional rehab volunteers. 

Our Goal  is to build on our current model of acquiring vacant and abandoned properties that are a blight on Durham neighborhoods and renovate them into safe, decent, well maintained affordable rentals. As a non-profit entity, Rebuild Durham’s focus is to provide affordable housing, support neighborhood stability, and aid crime prevention in otherwise stable neighborhoods.